Products & Services


  • X-Enterprise is the headquarters solution for a chain store business. It is the backbone for both X-Retail and X-Diner.  It dictates the behaviour of each and every function of the frontend solution..


    X-Retail is probably one of the best POS you can find.  It is suitable for any retail business. Its user-friendliness yet feature-rich characteristics have been well received by our customers...

  • X-Diner shares the main capabilities of   X-Retail.  The only difference is its GUI's been designed to suit F&B environments, especially for table service restaurants and cafes...








Professional Services


Apart from our products, it is also because of our professional services that win our customers' heart.  Being in the retail industry for more than 10 years, we truly understand that after-sales service and on-going supports are just the fundamentals.  Professional services are not just about walking the extra miles, but delivering what we have promised, and being able to respond and dealing well with inquiries and problems that arises.  







Services offered


on going Training class room training, training with examination, on-site training, train-the-trainer training, key-users training

software features Customization services, frontend-backend customization, 3rd party software integration customization, industrial hardware products integration customization, process improvements customization, user experience convenience preferences customization

standard product Implementation services, new outlet onsite or remote implementation, customization implementation, new policy implementation, new process flow implementation, product upgrade implementation

pre-implementation Support services, post implementation support, on-going onsite or remote support, email and phone support, help-desk system support, first level and second level support